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Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy
The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy

Blue Rose Support

From PDF-format downloads to interactive features, this is the place you'll find all official free support for Blue Rose.


Blue Rose Adventure: The Frog Princess
From Blue Rose fan and Narrator Luke Walker comes "The Frog Princess," a convention adventure based around a Russian fairy tale, although all is not necessarily as it seems in this story of hatred, betrayal, and deceit. Comes complete with a set of pre-generated heroes to play, suitable for a one-game session or as part of an ongoing series.

World of Aldea PDF Preview #6
Chapter 6 of World of Aldea introduces us to the exotic Matriarchy of Lar'tya, Aldis' trading partner across the sea.

World of Aldea PDF Preview #5
In Chapter 5 of World of Aldea we learn about life on the road with the Roamers, the people without a nation to call their own.

World of Aldea PDF Preview #4
This part of Chapter 4 of World of Aldea looks at the territories of the Riders of Rezea and the ancient ruins in their lands.

World of Aldea PDF Preview #3
This preview of Chapter 3 of World of Aldea looks at the harsh realities of life (and death) in the lich-ruled Kingdom of Kern.

World of Aldea PDF Preview #2
Here's a preview of Chapter 2 of World of Aldea and a look at life and faith in the Theocracy of Jarzon.

World of Aldea PDF Preview #1
This PDF preview provides a look at Chapter 1 of World of Aldea and some of the important figures of Aldis, Kingdom of the Blue Rose.

Blue Rose Companion Art Gallery
This gallery includes final pieces by Elaine "Lillith" Bettocci, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Leo Lingas, and Lisa Wood.

Blue Rose Core Book Art Gallery
This art gallery includes concept sketches and final art by Leo Lingas, along with final art by Elain "Lilith" Bettocchi, Liz Danforth, Eliza Gauger, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Jennifer Meyer, and Lisa Wood, as found in the Blue Rose core rulebook. [Updated Feb. 14, 2005]

Blue Rose PDF Character Sheet
This character sheet is just the thing for recording your hero's abilities. Feel free to download it and reproduce it for personal use.

PDF Preview #4: Social Actions
Straight from Chapter VII: Playing the Game, this preview is all about the rules for social interaction in Blue Rose.

PDF Preview #3: Creating Your Hero
This excerpt from Blue Rose Chapter 2 details the Adept, Expert, and Warrior roles.

PDF Preview #2: Shadowgates and Sorcery
A little further along in Blue Rose Chapter 1 we find information about Shadowgates and Sorcery.

PDF Preview #1: The World of Aldea
This excerpt from Blue Rose Chapter 1: The World of Aldea will give you a taste of the history of the Kingdom of Aldis.

Blue Rose Adventure Hook Generator
This adventure hook generator can help keep your time in the World of Aldea full of adventure.

Blue Rose Fast Play
This abbreviated version of Blue Rose gives you a quick look at the World of Aldea, a breakdown of the rules, a complete introductory adventure, and four ready-to-go characters—everything you need to get a taste of Blue Rose. [Opens in a new window, 4.3MB.]

Aldea Concept Map
This concept map will give you a general idea of where to find the kingdoms, towns, and terrain features mentioned in the Blue Rose Fiction pieces. Note: This is not the final map. [Opens in a new window.]

The Blue Rose Companion Cover Image
Get a closer look at Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's amazing cover art for The Blue Rose Companion.

The World of Aldea Cover Image
Zoom in on the beautiful cover of The World of Aldea, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

Blue Rose Core Book Cover Image
Expand the Gorgeous Blue Rose Core Book cover image by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

Blue Rose Gen Con Preview Flyer
We distributed this Blue Rose preview flyer at Gen Con Indy 2004.

Blue Rose