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Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy
The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy

Welcome to, the official home on the Web of Blue Rose, Green Ronin Publishing's Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy. This is the place to find Blue Rose fiction, previews, product support, and information about all of the Blue Rose products.

Wed May 31, 2006

Blue Rose Adventure: The Frog Princess

From Blue Rose fan and Narrator Luke Walker comes "The Frog Princess," a convention adventure based around a Russian fairy tale, although all is not necessarily as it seems in this story of hatred, betrayal, and deceit. Comes complete with a set of pre-generated heroes to play, suitable for a one-game session or as part of an ongoing series. Enjoy!

The Frog Princess

Sun Mar 12, 2006

We are pleased to announce, the official site for True20 Adventure Roleplaying and the True20 System. Look for lots of great True20 previews and exclusive articles on, and make sure to visit the new True20 and Blue Rose forums on the new site.

Yes, the Noble Assembly has been locked down to further postings on this site, and has been moved to We did this to contain all the True20 posting (regardless of genre or setting) to one forum, as well as to limit the number of forum systems we need to maintain. Having several forums here for Blue Rose seems like overkill in retrospect, so the new Noble Assembly has been compressed down to one forum on the new server. If we gets lots more Blue Rose activity over there, we can always split the Blue Rose forum into multiple ones.

As always, thanks for all your support!

Fri Mar 03, 2006

World of Aldea Print Available

World of Aldea is now available in print in our Green Ronin Online Store. Make it yours today!

World of Aldea

Fri Feb 17, 2006

True20 On the Way!

True20 Adventure Roleplaying, our new 224-page core rulebook by Mutants & Masterminds designer Steve Kenson, is now at print. This beautifully illustrated hardback is the culmination of three years of design and development. While first designed for the fantasy setting of the Blue Rose RPG, True20 has been expanded to handle nearly any genre. The four winners of our Setting Search (Borrowed Time, Caliphate Nights, Lux Aeternum, and Mecha vs. Kaiju) wonderfully express this flexibility and provide new GMs with a variety of ways to enjoy the True20 experience. More...

Thu Feb 09, 2006

World of Aldea PDF Now Available

We have added the World of Aldea sourcebook to our Green Ronin Online Store in PDF format. Purchase and download yours today!

World of Aldea (PDF)

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